Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hello I am back!!

haha.. hello all to my fellow mates.. im jux bored and decided to nagg using this blog.. =)).. yayyy i jux got my ipod touch frm my beloved brother.. as he bored with a item he will like to sell it away.. so im here to collect.. =)).. lols.. dunno what am i talking abt.. blah blah blah.. enjoy all.. all rmbb to watch hai pai tian xing oh.. its funny and also a soap drama.. ><.. haha..

i like chen bao zhu's character and also the other side of her.. <3 her.. =))


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

my last day of civilian day..


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

updates.. omg.. no photos.. desmond arh.. hai..

25 or 26 june 2009

today me, ym and des went to msia johor to buy ym's stuff.. after the custom we went to kenny roger restaurant to eat.. and the food was like damn cold.. awful.. omg.. thnks to jasper loh's recommendation arh.. and then we shopped until 2pm.. and we went to sing KBOX.. haha.. sing to the max.. and our voice was like lorry runs over.. coarse.. zz... den i had 1 plate of chao guo tiao.. omg.. mine is damn black lo.. den ym one is white colour.. zz..

27 june 2009

today me, jas, ym and gx went to check for our msia trip.. and then comes out with nothing.. we were damn sian cos its saturday and we only out for 1 hr.. den me and gx ask huat out for movie.. we went to vivocity to look for transformer movie.. but the seats was damn all occupied.. so we ends up with nothing.. den gx asks us to go chinatown to eat dim sum buffet.. and we gets to there and didnt even found a dim sum shop.. zz.. and we had steamboat for our dinner.. den we went to the chinatown's famous R21 cinema.. LOLs.. and i keep suaning them coz they still 20.. LOLs.. damn funny la.. after we went to the place.. we continue to one shopping mall.. dunno is people's park centre or zhen zhu fang.. the place damn nice la.. the corridor is circle up one.. spiral shape.. damn coool to the max..

another joke of that day from gx..

ok.. we went to the shopping mall with spiral shape.. den between the 2 spiral there is a link.. and den gx at the top floor saw it and he say.. " wow got 1 more place to walk to..".. after that we at the 2nd floor.. he still said the same thing... and me and huat was like... WTF... LOL second joke of that day sia.. gx really a big joker... LOL

29 june 2009

today me, ym and jx went to jx's neighbour concert.. its a combination of japan and singapore drama.. its very funny and amazing when u see those kids at the stage.. and the japan kuso is damn funny.. they show the swan, some acting like arts.. and the 1 person stage performance... and then at the evening me, gx, des, des's fren stayed at jj for mahjong and playstation game.. street fighter 4.. hmm.. its quite fun when play for a while.. but if u played for hrs.. your hands will very numb.. lols.. and i had 1 lotus rice and 4 siew mai.. lol...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

updates again.. =))

20 and 21 june 2009
today went to youth party organised by toa payoh cc.. i think.. =)).. at zouk.. woo.. party time.. hahaha... and we had a lot of drinks thanks for eddie's fren har.... i think i tried all sorts of vodka.. like orange, cranberry, lime and etc.. hahaha.. dance until very sian coz the music there is quite boring.. and nt very lively.. after dancing i took a cab to my sis's house.. wow.. less than 10 min.. i think i go zouk again i will stay at her house.. hahahahaha.. =xx... and the next day at evening time.. i celebrate with my brother-in-law's family for father's day.. had "the rajahinn" steamboat.. i think its how is spelled.. =xx...

and then jj, jas, kz, ym and me meet at jj hse for mahjong.. wooo.. me and ym is the winner and the money we change it into 10 cent for 1 pushup.. haha.. and we no need to do.. wooo.. kz and jj.. LMAO.. btw the fengshui at jj hse is damn bad.. coz the dirty clothes was right behind me lo.. i lost almost 10 dollar that means 100 pushups in the first round of tong.. thats so ridiculous la.. wth.. and then when i throw his dirty clothes on the sofa... my luck turns back and i won in the end.. lol.. sorry i very supersitious one.. LOL.. =xx

19 june 2009

we went to astro today.. we ate macdonal for dinner.. me gets a machicken and macflurry.. lol.. fattening again.. woo.. and we reach le.. den we dun wanna go down there to meet them coz we dun wan feel awful.. so in the end we had tuna bread and say goodbye to ngee ann poly.. and im quite sad coz i cannot see someone i missed alot.. =)).. too dark le la.. why choose field.. =xx

Thursday, June 18, 2009

updates from past 10 days..

17 june 2009

me, des, gx and ym went to watch the land of the lost.. its damn funny lo.. hahahaha.. some classic scenes also.. hahahaa.. especially the dinosaur brain.. walnuts.. zzz.. LOL.. we bought sushi and drinks in.. thanks for gx's bag.. =)).. and we spent the day in des's hse playing mahjong.. and the bet is to drink the barcardi.. i think so thats how its spell.. =)).. and gx drank it b4 going for the camp.. hahahaa.. i wonder how is he now.. =))

16 june 2009

we went to jj hse for mahjong and i at there doing nth.. zz.. actually wanna play street fighter 4 and we decided nt to play coz will disturb his mum watching tv.. and i went home lonely back home for dinner..

14 june 2009

me, jj, jas and ym went to the IT fair coz i wanna buy webcam for my laptop.. btw who wanna webcam with me??.. hahaha.. and we had our dinner at the fountain of wealth.. i think so.. haha.. and we had a nice big and yummy chicken drumstick... hmmm.. it was treated well and the smell is great.. =))

12 june 2009

me des and gx went to sentosa tgt with des's polymates.. we went for a swim at the beach and suffer sunburn from the sun.. zz..

they was about to fall from the tree.. haha.. funny sia..

wha.. what are they doing??..

woo.. success attempt of climbing a tree with a cool pose.. its a suffering one.. thnx to gx ar.. i hold there for like few secs until he decided to take the pic.. zz..

me with gx.. haha.. and infront of us has 2 girls.. quite cute har.. des and gx.. hahaha..

see my face.. i look so shag coz i didnt slp for the day.. zz.. know why?.. coz we meet at 9am and my slpping time is 5am.. so its.. erm... no time to slp har?.. =((.. btw its a enjoyable trip.. hahahahaha.. and after we had fun at the sentosa we went to chong pang steamboat for our dinner.. wow.. thnx to gw ar.. haha.. and the car was damn...

oh my gosh.. haha.. 4 at the back... =xx.. hahaha.. damn cramped.. zzzz

Monday, June 8, 2009

updates from the past week.. =))

09 june 2009

today me, ym, jj and gx.. went to watch the hannah show.. wha.. the songs there are damn nice.. hope i could dl the songs.. hahaha.. i had nacho combo and sushi for dinner.. omg fattening har... hahahaha..

06 june 2009

we went to kz 22th birthday.. woo.. haha.. happy bday to u.. =)).. and we hab bbq for dinner.. he has marinate lots of chicken wings and i only get to eat some.. coz some of it didnt fully cook.. lol..

This is the only pic that we have taken properly.. and this are my dota mates... haha..

we have turned our backs.. LOL.. nice pic har..

woo.. cant even see me.. zz... and we smell something smelly at our place where we stand.. lol..

5 june 2009

today we went to watch terminator.. wow the sound effect, graphic all damn nice de.. but the machine look like the transformers.. haha.. after we have went for our movie.. we went to help mr tay to buy for his bbq items and we waiting for 1hr for him and he still never come.. and as we are about to leave and the call comes.. zz.... and then we went to desmond hse to drink.. hahahahaah.. and the funny part is that i and ym drunk.. zz.. thats erm.. LOL....

haha thats my drunk face.. =))... still handsome har?... i think so... LOLs.. hahahahahaha.. thats the pic b4 im passed out.. hahahahahaha

3 june 2009

ok we decided to go eat spring chicken at canal.. but we in the end have our dinner at a coffee shop.. haha.. thats the so called surprise party for mr law guo wei.. haha.. nt really surprise for me la.. hahaa... and then we went to canal to have fun at there.. we played daidee poker game and play 1 game recommended by kaizhi b4 we left.. and and and the most interesting part is kaizhi, jeff, jasper did something at canal... OMG... LOL.. and i chicken out though.. lol.. too embrassing le la.. LOL...

p.s when can i have a lovely life??... hmm.. god bless me.....

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

addups from the previous post..

28 may 2009

oh ya.. i rmb le.. me and desmond went to msia.. with her mum... haha.. after that we went to eat chongpang with ym, jas and jingxian.. haha.. the food there nt bad.. and alot of variety but hor.. ym only eat 1 item that is SATAY CHICKEN MEAT.. lol.. 2 big plates of it... zz..

29 may 2009

me, ym, jas and javin went to support kz.. woo.. his grad show.. hmm nt bad la.. but jas that short clip really piss me off.. zz.. there is none of your scene lei.. zz wth.. waste time at there watch.. aiyooooo.. lol... nvm.. den we and sx went to eat the noodle and its sux ok.. so little one.. dint even fill up my half of the stomach.. zz... and we went to eat you tiao and dao hui.. lol.. and then we went to watch night at the museum.. wow its nice lei.. i didnt even realise its time.. i tot the show only 1 hr.. lol.. go watch go watch.. =))..

30 may 2009

ya this is the day.. haha.. ps for the previous post.. woo.. aaron kwok concert.. haha..